TC2000 Relational Analysis and Trade Management Webinar

TechniTrader has a NEW TC2000 LEARNING CENTER with 4 webinars available to watch at The “Relational Analysis and Trade Management WEBINAR is one of them and is described below.

screen shot of trade management planning webinar - technitrader
There are two parts to this Webinar.

First of all join Martha Stokes CMT and CEO of TechniTrader to learn about Relational Analysis, and how this new form of Technical Analysis offers far superior interpretation of charts and indicators.

Learn how to apply Relational Analysis to your trading style, strategies, and systems to make technical analysis faster, easier, and more reliable.

Secondly for Trade Management Planning, get a front row seat to learn about this essential trading tool from its creator Howard Johnson, Co-Founder of TechniTrader.

The Trade Management Planner gives you more control over your trading. It helps you set realistic goals in precise numbers, that show exactly what you need to do to reach personal projected Rate Of Investment ROI and much more.

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Trade Wisely,
Martha Stokes CMT

Chartered Market Technician
Instructor and Developer of TechniTrader® Stock and Option Courses
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