Who Can You Rely on for Learning How to Trade Options?

Significant Advantage in Revolutionary Options Approach
There are so many Options trading strategies out there including  Spreads, Strangles, Straddles, Collars, Backspreads, Butterflies, Condors, Albatross, Box, Calendar, Call Ratio and the list goes on and on.  

How do you know which strategies will work best for YOUR Trading Goals?

Hint: You can't learn that from your brokerage! Don't be fooled by a simplified order platform for trading Options. Your brokerage wants you to think it's simple, and wants you trade as many multi-leg Options as you have time and money to lay out. They bank commissions on every leg. They'll show you how to place the trade, but they won't show you how to choose the right Stocks or Exchange Traded Funds ETFs for trading Options.

Sure, sometimes you may be unsure of the direction the stock will take due to unexpected volatility in the market, so you'll want to use a spread strategy to limit risk and lock in a small profit. This is when using a  spread or other type of Options strategy might be useful.  

With TechniTrader education learn to choose ideal Stocks with ideal Candlestick Patterns, and can gain a significant advantage over other Options Traders.  With this added knowledge, the cards are stacked much higher in your favor. 

Go to our Option Analysis meets Technical Analysis "Trading Options for Beginners Webinar" which explains the TechniTrader revolutionary approach to trading Options. There is no cost and you'll definitely learn something new about trading Options.

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With Options training from TechniTrader you develop a technical skill set that puts you head and shoulders above other traders, who use only complicated strategies and make meager profits.

Learn a better Option trading methodology from a Trading Educator who wants you to be successful, not a Broker who doesn't care if you make money or not.

Watch our webinar then give us a call or send us an email and we'll get you on the right path for YOUR Trading Goals, not your Broker's. 

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